Ruhnama The First Section

The First Section  “Türkmen”

The First Section



In the name of Allah, the Most Exalted

My Beloved People!

My Dear Nation,

This book, written with the help of inspiration sent to my heart by the God who created this wonderful universe and who is able to do whatever He wills, is Türkmen Ruhnama.

Allah has exposed the Türkmen nation to great and difficult problems since the creation of humankind. My people has successfully passed through these hard times. The Türkmen people whose history goes back 5000 years to the period of Oguz Han, contributed to the universal values which emerged in the lands between the Eastern Mediterranean and India, and indeed, cannot be underestimated. In its own lands, the Türkmen people founded more than 70 states including the Anew, Altyndepe, Marguş, Parfiya, Seljuks and Köneürgenç states.

The Türkmen people has a great history which goes back to the Prophet Noah.

Prophet Noah gave the Türkmen lands to his son Yafes and his descendants.

Allah made the Türkmens prolific and their numbers greatly increased. God gave them two special qualities: spiritual richness and courage. As a light for their road, God also strengthened their spiritual and mental capacity with the ability to recognize the realities behind events. After that He gave His servants the following general name: TÜRK İMAN.