The sons and grandchildren of Oguz Han

We originated from Oguz Han. Oguz Han had several sons, named 

Gün Han,
Aý Han,
Ýyldyz Han,
Gök Han,
Dag Han,
Deňiz Han

Each son also had four sons.

The 24 clans of Oguz originate from the 24 grandchildren of Oguz Han. Each of these clans has a different name and reputation. The Oguz people all around the globe are of these 24 clans.

BOZOK - This is the right branch.

GÜN HAN – He is the eldest son of Oguz and he has four sons:

The first son: Gaýa, which means strong, well built, and undefeatable like a rock.

The Second Son: Baýat, which means imperial, high-born, magnanimous and blessed.

The Third Son: Akevli, which means they are everywhere, progressive and they are successful everywhere.

The Fourth Son: Karaevli, which means their house is black.

AÝ HAN – He is the second son of Oguz Han and he has four sons.

The first son: Yazir, which means he has a lot lands.

The second son: Döger, which means they go somewhere to gather.

The third son: Dodurga, which means he has property.

The fourth son: Yaparli.

ÝYLDYZ HAN – He is the third son of Oguz Han and he has four sons.

The first son: Avşar, which means agile and good hunter.

The second son: Kizik, which means strong, systematic, order-oriented.

The third son: Begdill, which means speaks succinctly like a prince.  

The fourth son: Karkin, it means helper, serving food.

ÜÇOK – This is the left branch.

GÖK HAN – He is the fourth son of Oguz Han and he has four sons. 

The first son: Baýyndyr, which means he is rich and prosperous.

The second son: Becene, which means he is hardworking.

The third son: Cavul, which means honourable and known.

The fourth son: Cepni, which means it gains no matter where it is.

DAG HAN – He is the fifth son of Oguz Han and he has four sons.

The first son: Salyr, which means his sword is victorious everywhere.

The second son: Eymur, which means he has many wives and he is rich.

The third son: Alayunt, it means he has horses.

The fourth son: Uregir it means he is ready to help, useful.

DEŇIZ HAN – He is the sixth son of Oguz and he has four sons.

The first son: Igdir, which means goodness, completeness, bravery.

The second son: Bugduz, which means he has respect for everyone.

The third son: Yiva, which means his rank is above them all.

The fourth son: Kinik, which means he is the most beloved